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Writer's Block: Your own toy story

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal, action figure, or doll growing up? If so, what was it and what happened to it?

growing up i had a favorite stuffy. it was  a wrinkly dog and i named him muffin. and i still have him!!! =)

road trip playlist

What's on your perfect playlist for a cross-country road trip?

well i like a lot of songs so this may take a while....

better by rev band
i've found by rev band
outta control by rev band
sweet thing by keith urban
before he cheats by carrie underwood
all american girl by carrie underwood
jesus take the wheel by carrie underwood
the more boys i meet by carrie underwood
our song by taylor swift
love story by taylor swift
you belong with me by taylor swift
stay beautiful by taylor swift
invisible by taylor swift
the way i loved you by taylor swift
thing for you by jann arden
cherry popsicle by jann arden
this way by jewel
barbie girl by aqua
wannabe by spice girls
spice up your life by spice girls
say you'll be there by spice girls
fighter by christina aguilara
ain't no other man by christina aguilara
what a girl wants by christina aguilara
genie in a bottle by christina aguilara
mama im a big girl now from hairspray
good morning baltimore from hairspray
you can't stop the beat from hairspray
take it all by hillsong
tell the world by hillsong
solution by hillsong
cinderella by steven curtis chapman
something beautiful by newsboys
shine by newsboys
meant to live by switchfoot
dare you to move by switchfoot
this is your life by switchfoot
this is home by switchfoot
gone by switchfoot
lose my soul by tobymac
made to love by tobymac
burn for you by tobymac
ignition by tobymac
im for you by tobymac
gone by tobymac
love is in the house by tobymac
jesus freak by tobymac
god of this city by chris tomlin
all i have by JLO
love don't a cost a thing by JLO
ain't it funny by JLO
waiting for tonight by JLO
the one by JLO
dreaming of you by selena
i could fall in love by selena
la llamada by selena
baila esta cumbia by selena
amor prohibido by selena
bidi bidi bom bom by selena
como la flor by selena
broken by lifehouse
you and me by lifehouse
everything by lifehouse
hanging by a moment by lifehouse
whatever it takes by lifehouse
first time by lifehouse
storm by lifehouse
learn you inside out by lifehouse
easier to be by lifehouse
the joke by lifehouse
the way you make me feel by MJ
billy jean by MJ
thriller by MJ
smooth criminal by MJ
black or white by MJ
remember the time by MJ
heal the world by MJ
beat it by MJ
bad by MJ
liberian girl by MJ
speed demon by MJ
scream by MJ
the climb by miley cyrus
fly on the wall by miley cyrus
best of both worlds by miley cyrus
true friend by miley cyrus
see you again by miley cyrus
ice cream freeze by miley cyrus
up by shania twain
gonna getcha by shania twain
that don't impress me much
man i feel like a woman by shania twain
any man of mine by shania twain
family affair by mary j blidge
we like to party by vengaboys
i want it that way by backstreet boys
kiss me by sixpence none richer
show me the meaning of being lonely by backstreet boys
the phantom of the opera from the phantom of the opera
a boy like that by selena
larger than life by backstreet boys
rasputin by boney m
marys boy child by boney m
i saw the sign by ace of base
all that she wants by ace of bace
darlin' companion by johnny and june cash
cause i love you by johnny and june cash
jackson by johnny and june cash
hurt by johnny cash
ring of fire by johnny cash
times a wastin by june carter
any dream will do from joseph
jacob and sons from joseph
one more angel in heaven from joseph
call me irresposible by micheal buble
everything by micheal buble
new yowk new york by frank sinatra
l.o.v.e. by fran sinatra
aint no mountain high enough
shes so high
perfect day
love is a beautiful thing
one girl revolution
watch me shine
white and nerdy
king of spain
lazy boy
saturday night

and probibly tons more that i just cant think of at the moment

white horse

boy: all i want is you, do you love me?
girl: ya
boy: can you give e another chance?

say you're sorry, that face of an angel comes out just when you need it to
as i pace back and forth all this time cause i honestly believed in you
holding on the days drag on stupid girl, i should've known, i should've known
im not a princess , this ain't a fairy tale im not the one you sweep off her feet
lead her up a stairwell, this ain't hollywood, this is a small town
i was a dreamer before you went and let me down
now its too late for you and your white horse to come around

girl: i never thought id meet anybody like him i feel like hes everything ive ever wanted
girl 2: theres something you should know about him

baby,i was naive, got lost in your eyes and never really had a chance
my mistake i didnt know to be in love you had to fight to have the upper hand
i had so many dream about you and me happy endings, well now i know...
im not a princess , this ain't a fairy tale im not the one you sweep off her feet
lead her up a stairwell, this ain't hollywood, this is a small town
i was a dreamer before you went and let me down
now its too late for you and your white horse to come around

and there you ar on your knees begging for forgiveness, begging for me
just like i always wanted but im so sorry, cause im not your princess
this aint a fairytale im gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well
This is a big world.
That was a small town, there in my rear view mirror disappearing now.
And it's too late for you and your white horse...
Its too late for you and your white horse to
catch me now.

boy: do you love me?
girl: ya
boy: can you give me another chance?
girl: no

Oh, Oh,Oh,
Try and catch me now ohh
Its too late
To catch me now

by taylor swift

forgiving is one thing but
.....Trust is a hard thing to get back once you have lost it.

Writer's Block: Leave Room

What's your favorite dessert?
Who is your favorite lady detective from movies, books, or TV?
nancy drew all the way!!!!!

struggles, emotions, and God!!!!!

so what a day, it started out lovely then a chat with my dad turned me mood from happiness to saddness. i hung up with him and i broke down, his reasoning, the things he was saying where ridiculous and hard to hear because they where not things you usually hear from your dad. dads are supposed to help you out when you need it not argue reasons why he shouldn;t help me. after a long,long time of crying and feeling alone i decided to take a walk and on my walk me and my heavenly father talked and he made it all better he reminded me that with him all you have to do is ask and you will recieve it. i dont need to worry about how im going to get the fiances for school or where im going to live or how im going to get there. i am so thankful that i will always have someone so great and so powerful watching over me, taking care of and comforting me when im down. i am never alone no matter how many things in this world come against me God is always there ready to take action!!! tonight i was reminded to not be concerned of what this world tells us, this world wants to drag us down , make us feel alone, bring us to or breaking points but God wants to lift us up, be there for us no matter what and heal us from our hurts. God can make anything happen and he can heal any situation. all you have to do is in faith ask and you shall recieve!!! my day went from good to bad to incredible. there are still things i dont no the answer to but when the situations are in Gods hands...i dont need to know the outcome untill he wants me to know it, His plan is far greater than mine could ever be. i may see a result i want and try to get there my own way but He may have totally different plans that we just cant see yet, we might think that we have failed but really we are just on a different course to the same result. we need to put everything we have in God. He knows whats best for us so we need to start trusting that he will give us the best possible life. He will only lead us into greatness!!!

i am so excited to live out Gods plan and im excited to see him work in my life. there are so many things i dream about, things i have gotten close to then they seemed to be pulled away but maybe im just on a different way to those ends i saw, everything happens for a resaon. i dont know and at this point its not my place to know. right now i need to wait on the lord and be patient. He will give me the things i dream of but just maybe not the way i see it happening. i need to put my focus on him before i can get the things i desire. 

i am the type of person who looks to the future, dreams about the future. i need to learn patience, to wait for the things i want, i need to grow more with God before i can get the things i see in my future. i need to get to those places in steps, and not in a leap. i need to take it slow and not get carried away. before i came back into Gods care my thoughts of my future took over my life and i got caught up in a dream world that ultimatley dragged me down. i am so thankful God lifted e back up and has know given me dreams that lift me up and not drag me down

i thank God for evrything he has done in my life, everything he has given me, every opprotunity and every person he has placed in my life!!!
this year being a intern has been incredible and next year is only going to be greater. i have met so many great people, being a intern has
 made me feel so good, i know have a deeper relationship with God, a better understanding of God, i have friends, i have mentors, i have best friends and i have hope of a great and amazing future. He has given me things i thought i would never have, things i dreamed of but because of my low confidence thought would never happen. God has given me confidence that i am worth it. God has put people in my life that have helped me see that i am beautiful, that im smart, that i am worth it and that have made me feel so good that i have cried and nothing can ever take that away!!!!  

there are things i really want, i want them NOW...but i know that it will be so much better if i wait it out and get it in Gods time because i know that He knows a whole lot better about when im ready for it than i do!!!! waiting for it is hard....its beyond hard...but it is soooooooooooo worth it!!!!!

i know that God is going to provide EVERYTHING for me all in absolutley perfect timing. 



Writer's Block: The Best

What's the best thing you've seen or done this month?
i got to go to kelowna and i had not been up there in over 4 years so it was great to see old friends and to also see my sister who just moved there.....i want her to move back though!!!

Writer's Block: Le Quatorze Juillet

Happy Bastille Day! Today the French celebrate the event that sparked the French revolution. In honor of our Francophone friends, what is your favorite French thing? Bonus points for answers en français.
my favorite french thing would be paris, i have never been there but one day i want to go there!!!

Writer's Block: Childish Pleasures

Name something you love but feel like you should have grown out of by now.
oh there is lots!!!!!  all my teddy bears, i love teddy bears, i have never stopped collecting them. barbies oh i adore my barbies and there are still some i want!!! i really like watching family channel!!!!! oh what else playing dress up is my favorite, i even have a dress up box in my room still lol so ya really im just a big kid, i love toys and i love watching kids movies and tv its just so much fun!!!

Writer's Block: Lights Out

All it takes is a blackout to realize how much we rely on electricity. What's your most memorable story from a power outage?
well i think it was the time i lost power for over a week!!!!!! it was awful!!!!

but in honesty my biggest memory about a power outage, didnt actually happen. i was in a play where a town lost power for 7 days and that was so much fun!!!!